New!!! The Impact Top

Impact Tio


  • The 'missing link' between the Coax12 and the Prospect Top.
  • Extreme compact self powered 12/2/1" three way top cabinet
  • Scalable for venues from 100 up to 1000 people and more
  • Stackable with an absolute minimum of comb-filter problems
  • 12" neodymium low driver
  • 2"/1" neodymium MF/HF driver
  • Rotatable horn 60*40 degrees
  • 50Hz-20kHz -3dB
  • SPL up to 132 dB
  • Medium throw up to 50 meters


HiRes picture

'Less is more'

The new point source cabinets, 6 and 12" powered coaxial systems.


  • User friendly, light weight and eye catching design.
  • Sublime phase linear and coherent frequency response.
  • Very good output/size/weight ratio.
  • 4 presets for use as full range, combined with a subwoofer and front fill.


Line 10 line array module

  • Medium sized real line-source-array
  • large size performance
  • Unique high speed rigging with a safety factor >10 up to 16 cabinets
  • 60Hz-20kHz -3dB
  • Extreme SPL up to 136 dB (one cabinet)
  • Double 10" with coaxial 2"/1"MF/HF driver, all neodymium


The Prospect system


A modular self powered system developed for events with an audience of 100 to 2500 persons. The Prospect range is build around 3 individual components. All components are developed by following the principle that it must sound like the source. This guarantees the best performance for speech intelligibility and produces the clearest sound. With a perfect frequency response from 30 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB) and 35 Hz to 16 kHz (-1 dB) and a phase response of +/-40º between 300Hz and 20kHz. All modules has the same dimensions of 700*530*530 (H*W*D), except the Prospect sub, it has a depth of 650 mm. Factory presets are available for all Conceivable combinations of top, kick and sub.


Prospect top/ T5

Prospect top

  • three way self powered bass-reflex system
  • Scalable for venues from 100 up to 2500 people
  • 15" neodymium low driver
  • 2"/1" neodymium MF/HF driver
  • Asymmetrical MF/HF horn, 100*20°
  • 40Hz-20kHz -3dB
  • SPL up to 136 dB
  • Medium throw up to 50 meters

Prospect kick/ X5

  • Single 15" self powered Prospect low extension
  • Also usable as subwoofer
  • 15" neodymium driver
  • 40Hz-700Hz -3dB
  • SPL up to 136 dB

Prospect sub/ X8

  • Single 18" compact self powered high power subwoofer
  • 18" long excursion neodymium driver
  • 30Hz-100Hz -3dB
  • SPL up to 133 dB


  • Double 18" very compact self powered powered subwoofer
  • Two 18" long excursion neodymium drivers
  • 30-100Hz -3dB
  • SPL up to 139 dB
  • 4000 Watt DSP controlled class-D amplifier module.
  • 4 presets; 60Hz, 100Hz, 100Hz cardoide and 100Hz end-fire.

Monitor FL112/ M2

  • 12"/1,4" neodymium powered coaxial floor monitor
  • Transparant sound with extreme clarity, with a massive low end
  • Light weight, only 16kg
  • 50Hz-16kHz -3dB
  • Up to 123dB


BA Amp (discontinued)

  • 8 Ohm 1800 Watt per channel, all channels driven
  • 4 Ohm 3200 Watt per channel, all channels driven
  • Only 2HE, 15,5 kg


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